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Website Design and Development

Our designers use Dreamweaver CS5 and combine flash/Javascript with HTML so your site is asthetically pleasing and search engine ready. Why not go with a templated site from someone else? There are numerous reasons not to use a templated site service like listings in search engines (if you want to switch companies, you lose your positioning in the search engines and have to start all over), monthy fees, customization, etc.

Need a website that you can edit yourself? We offer Wordpress websites that look like custom sites and can be edited anytime, anywhere. Wordpress sites start at $500. We also provide custom and semi-custom websites that stand apart from the competition. Semi-custom sites start at $500 or take advantage of our custom website packages below.

The Basic Package includes custom design: *$750.00

  • 5 page website with non-animated or some animated buttons
  • Photo and Logo Placement
  • Custom Color Choices
  • FREE meta tags
  • FREE search engine submission
  • FREE Google site verification and business listing

The Ultra-Plus Package includes custom design: *$1,200.00

  • 5-8 page website with animated buttons
  • Some flash elements
  • Photo and Logo Placement
  • Custom Color Choices
  • FREE meta tags
  • FREE search engine submission
  • FREE Google site verification and business listing

The Works Package includes custom design: *$1,750.00

  • 8-15 page website with animated buttons
  • Flash elements including music if needed
  • Flash animated banner
  • Photo and Logo Placement
  • Custom Color Choices
  • FREE meta tags
  • FREE search engine submission
  • FREE Google site verification and business listing

Wordpress websites: *$750.00 and up

  • Starter site ($750) includes 5 pages
  • Extra for customization of the template (ie, different fonts, colors, etc.)
  • Blog and/or integrated Facebook/Twitter accounts
  • Basic SEO/SEM
  • One Hour consultation/training via telephone on how to edit your website

Call or e-mail us to get more information on any of our above packages or to let us know your budget so we can provide you with a solution that you can afford and still shows off your business.

Affordable Website Hosting/Domain Names

We now provide affordable website hosting and domain services! While other companies are charging $20-$50 per month for website hosting, we can offer the website domain and hosting for under $150 per year! ($12/mth)

Your hosting account includes up to 1GB mail box that can be split into 4 separate e-mail addresses and also comes with a spam filter. Directions are provided for easy pop e-mail access with Outlook or your other e-mail software. We also cover your domain name charges if you purchase one of our website packages with hosting.

Search Engine Marketing - Search Engine Optimization

Some clients have great websites that nobody can find. If you are one of those clients we can help you get your website listed organically in the search engines and give you some other options that will help your customers find you. We can optimize your meta tags, add alt-text to your photos, submit your site to the major search engines and even offer monthly maintenance options so you can track the number of visitors to your site and get monthly ideas on how to maximize your website marketability. Includes Google tracking and Google business listing - all for a $199.00 one time optimization charge. NO long term contracts or monthly fees for just doing the optimization of your main page and submission. See below for pay per click information.To reiterate, you get the following for a one time fee of $199. (main page only. ask for quote for additional pages).

-Your website submitted to the top 25 search engines
-Your meta tags optimized
-A Google listing and Google tracking code for analytics
-Alt-text on your photos
-Suggestions for text editing (updates if you approve) to get ranked higher in the search engines

Need to get on the first page tomorrow? We also do Google pay per click and can have you on the main page very quickly. Same charge as above($199 setup) with an added $99 per month fee that includes monthly reporting and ad changes, edits depending on your keywords and positioning. NO long term contracts, stop the campaign if you are not getting a good return on investment.

If you need help with Social Media Marketing, my business associate Amber, is awesome at doing monthly updates and setting up your Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc.. Pricing starts at $200/mth. Contact me for more information on this.


The importance of Blogging and other Link Building Techniques

I was catching up recently by email and I told a friend how I am becoming more knowledgeable as a social media consultant and helping small business owners, especially those with sole-proprietership and no employees, enter the world of social media to promote their services. I referred her to my blog, which led to her question, “Do you just put in these blog posts and then people comment back to you?  I don’t follow how this makes money". My response is "If nobody knows you exist, how can they buy your product or service"?

Business owners who plan to grow, to extend their reach, to build their business to possibly sell it someday - you will benefit greatly from using free social media tools. You don’t need a big budget  as far as money goes, but you do need to be aware of how you budget your time.

If you  are lucky enough to be in a business that you enjoy and are passionate about, take a hard look at how you spend your time and designate at least half an hour a day to your social media plan. The great reward of social media is that the more you put in to it, the more you get out of it. You will love watching your followers grow, reading the comments on your blog posts, and gaining new clients and customers who flock to the content you created. Once a week will even get you in 'the game'.

The most amazing thing about the evolution of social marketing is that it’s not just the high-budget businesses that can be discovered. The little guys can do it if you put in enough time keeping up your social presence and blogging information that others can use.


I work with reliable, experienced businesses in the Denver area. Contact me if you need any of the services below:

Accountant, Juice Plus, Arbonne, Vines Wine Bar, Insurance Broker, Health Insurance Broker, Real Estate Agent, Loan Officer, Credit Card Processing, Roofing Services, Business Coach, Graphic Design and Printing Services and more! Click here for the website addresses of our partners.



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